Megasystems Security is a professional security systems supplier. We specialize in residential and commercial services. We have been serving the citizens of Houston, Tx with 25 years of protection. We have state of the art warning devices to protect your personal assets.

We train our team of experts to assess your home and set alarm systems in optimal places. We know that people with unscrupulous motives will try to outwit our system. That is why we provide our experts regular training to improve their skill and knowledge.

We are proud to say that our satisfied customers can attest to our excellent workmanship. We aim to satisfy customers with an affordable security alarm system. Our indoor and outdoor systems are suited for any type of residential and commercial space. We also include a tamper-proof backup system to strengthen your security. If you need a proven security provider, do not hesitate to contact us.

We know that each client requires unique solutions. Our professionals are your helping hand when it comes to customized alarm systems. We can help you decide on what type of surveillance device you need. We also can offer you 24 hours monitoring to help you feel secure.

If you already have a system in place, we can supply you with top-end spare parts. We work with the best quality equipment in the market to neutralize all threats. When you need help in installation, our experts can personally attend to your needs. While there, we can tweak and improve your system to optimize them.

We also offer quality maintenance services to your alarm systems. When your devices are exposed to the elements, they start to deteriorate. This is why you get to see poor images, disconnection, or system failures. When you get us, we will do the appropriate maintenance to get them running again. Our experts can replace camera lenses, install new cables, or secure your camera placements. This way your security alarm system will no longer fail.

When you need a reliable security systems supplier, hire us. You can reach us at (713) 668-8818. You can also visit us in Houston, Tx to check our products. Here at Megasystems Security, we only give the best because you deserve it.